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MEDAGON – First All Pakistan Medical Quiz Competition

JSMU Student Council is proud to announce the inception of “All-Pakistan Medical Quiz for Undergraduates”. It will be a multi-level medical quiz, aimed at bringing together promising undergraduate medical students from around the country for a mutual exchange of knowledge, passion, and culture.

All-Pakistan Medical Quiz is a brainchild of JSMU Student Council, that brings forth a unique blend of ingenious, stimulating quiz rounds, cultural diversity, social gatherings and much more, that guarantee to keep you spellbound.

The All-Pakistan Medical Quiz will be the most strenuous challenge you will ever face in your five years of medical college. The participants will be tested on several fronts including their in depth knowledge of basic and clinical sciences.

This Quiz tournament will not only challenge your memory but also your understanding of basic physiological, anatomical, and pharmacological concepts that are interlaced with your clinical knowledge and correlations.

The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give. If you really want to know how good your medical knowledge is when tested under extreme pressure and stressful environment, come accept the challenge!



  1. When is the tournament? And let us know some more details about it please. Like the rounds , subjects, type of questions etc.


  2. Is it common to all years ya har year ka specific huga? 1st and 2nd year walon ny abhi pharma ni prhi ha tou.


    • We’re considering to move pharma from basic to clinical sciences. Although, iss tarhan bhi quiz mai pharma hogi toh zarur.


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